The Top 5 Best Japanese Hair Scissors

Canada has heaps of hairdressing and barber scissor brands available today, but as a professional you will want to choose the best and most reliable pair.

Japanese hair scissor brands have dominated Canada’s scissor market for over 40 years due to their high-quality and reliable designs.

The steel used to produce Japanese hair scissors are some of the best in the world, and this premium material allows the manufacturers to produce a sharp blade that lasts longer.

Some of Canada’s most popular Japanese style scissor brands are:

Clients are coming into your shop to get a professional hairstyling or barbering experience. The best thing you can do is to return the favour by using a premium pair of Japanese hair scissors that cut effortlessly and allows you to perform at your best everyday!

Professional hair scissors have three main aspects:

  • the steel or material used
  • the cutting edge
  • the manufacturing and design

Japanese scissor brands continue to dominate in all three aspects that allows you, as a hair professional, to buy with confidence!

The Best 5 Japanese Hair Scissors

There are plenty of professional Japanese scissors available in Canada, but we have decided to put together a quick and easy guide that allows you to see the most popular Japanese style hair scissors available today!

1. Yasaka Offset Hair Scissors

Yasaka Offset Scissors

The most popular Japanese hair scissor in Canada is the Yasaka Offset handle model. Yasaka is a reputable brand that has been producing professional hair scissors for over 50 years, and their most popular all-rounder is the offset model.

The sharp clam-shaped blade and premium Japanese cobalt steel makes this pair a perfect hair tool for any professional.

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2. Joewell Classic Hair Scissors

Joewell Classic Scissors

Joewell is another Japanese brand that has been producing professional hair scissors for over 30 years. The Joewell classic scissor model is popular for its elegant design, premium all-rounder cutting edge, and lightweight ergonomics.

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3. Juntetsu Offset Cutting Scissors

Juntetsu Offset Scissors

The Juntetsu Offset hair scissors are the perfect professional cutting tool with a comfortable ergonomic design and a sharp convex-edge blade that makes haircutting easy!

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4. Kamisori Sword Cutting Scissors

Kamisori Sword Scissors

Kamisori is a popular Japanese style brand that produces professional shears for barbers and hairdressers. The most popular model is the Kamisori Sword. The Sword uses a long and powerful blade that is perfect for over-the-comb style haircutting techniques.

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5. Mina Umi Cutting Scissors

Mina Umi Scissors

Mina produces entry-level scissors that perform well for professionals, students and apprentices. The Umi is the most popular all-rounder pair under $200 and has been nominated for apprentice and student barbering awards.

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