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Joewell produces some of the best professional hairdressing scissors you can ever find. The scissors are made in Japan. Ventured out in 1917, Joewell Scissors have been catering to the needs of hairstylists and barbers in over 30 countries.

Joewell Scissors Japan produces premium lightweight hair scissors for professionals in Canada.

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Joewell Scissors are made to last for a prolonged time. Only the high-quality steel from Japan is used to make Joewell (Tokosha) hair scissors. And, they have a simplistic design that appeals to the eye. In short, Joewell Scissors are the first choice of barbers and hairstylists in the USA.

The scissors are known for their durability and sharp-edged blades. Also, they are lightweight and deliver a good performance.

Here are the famous Japanese Joewell hair shear models.

Name Type Price
AR Ergonomic Handle shear $900 to $1300
C Ergonomic Permanent Rest handle shear $600 to $900
Craft Stunning 3D grip hairstylist scissor $500 to $1000
Cobalt Conventional convex-edged shear $300 to $600
Classic Lightweight traditional barber shear $300 to $500
FZ Barber Ergonomic, long hair scissor $1000
FX (FX-PRO) Unique 3D handle and a convex-edged blade $500 to $1000
JDB Bamboo Blade shear best for dry hairdressing $800 to $1200
JKX Long-sword hair shear $800 to $1500
SDB Curve blade unique hairdressing shear $600 to $1000
Supreme Convex-edged hair shear $500 to $1000
TR Convex-edged Titanium hair shear $800 to $1300
Z II Light ergonomic hair scissor best for small fingers $400 to $800

Joewell produces both expensive and affordable hair shears compared to other normal Japanese brands. They are great for experts, beginners, and home hairdressers.

Japan’s Iwate produces plenty of hairdressing shears. Moreover, the factory gives proper training to the workers. As a result, they create world-class Joewell haircutting scissors.

What’s so good about Joewell (Tokosha) hairdressing shears?

Joewell Scissors are crafted out of premium grade Hitachi steel. As a result, Joewell scissors are different from the regular brands.

The latest manufacturing equipment, expert technicians, and best Japanese steel go into the making of Joewell scissors.

Apart from that, the company is responsible for all the designing works. Most hair scissor manufacturing companies tend to copy the design from their competitors.

Moreover, they don’t even bother to change the design a bit from the original. On the other hand, Joewell Scissors alters their scissor designs every year so that it doesn’t look stale.

And, strict protocols are put in place to check the manufacturing process. As such, you can use the scissors for a long time without issues.

Are there reviews from barbers and hairdressers?

Joewell Scissors have been in the market since 1917. And, they have made their presence in more than 30 countries.

Many countries buy hair scissors from Joewell. In short, Joewell Scissors is the best Japanese brand and is a popular choice for people. And, there is no surprise that barbers and hairstylists in the USA are fond of Joewell (Tokosha) haircutting scissors.

We give you 100% authentic reviews about the brand. That way, you can have the best choice when it comes to buying premium Japanese hair shears.

As Sarah (Toronto Hair Professionals) says –

“For the last 20 years, I am using Joewell scissors. And, every time it feels the same. You can get the best performance even from a $300 scissor. Also, they last for over five years. Most importantly, Joewell has plenty of models to choose from.”

You may find a lot of online hairdressing scissor companies. But Joewell Scissors stands close to bigger brands such as Yasaka, Juntetsu, and Mizutani.

How to manage your Joewell Scissors?

Make sure to stick by professional sharpening service when you are buying a high-quality hairdressing shear. So, where can you find the best service for Joewell Scissors in the USA?

You may get hold of a few professional hair shear sharpening services in the USA. However, it is recommended to contact Joewell for this purpose.

It’s good to have the same experts sharpen the tool that made the Joewell Scissors. The servicing tends to expand the lifespan of the scissors. Moreover, the turnaround time is about a week.

The company dispatches you the sharpened scissors via the Japan Express Post. Therefore, with a meager amount of $60 to $120 you avail of the professional services of Joewell. With professional services, you can safeguard your investment to a great extent that others won’t give you.

Conclusion: Are Joewell Scissors good to buy?

To begin with, Joewell Scissors manufactures high-quality scissors with a price range between $300 and $2000. Simplistic designs along with great ergonomics are the specialties of Joewell scissors.

The scissors have a bevel or sharp edge cutting blades that suits best for professional hairstylists. Joewell produces sharp, lightweight scissors with high-grade steel.

Joewell Scissors are manufacturing since 1917 and have their presence in over 30 countries. It is hard to find the premium quality of Joewell scissors in ordinary brands that come within $200.

And, the Joewell scissors last for five to twenty years when you take good care of them.

Joewell is a renowned hairdressing scissor manufacturer, perfect for professional hairdressers and barbers across Canada.

The most reliable brand of professional scissors, which has been manufacturing hair shears in Japan for over 100 years.

Joewell hair scissors have a lightweight blade, are extremely sharp and have a silent hair cutting action. They are the highest quality scissors.

The light and style and ergonomics of Joewell scissors makes these perfect for male and female hairdressers who cut hair all day.

Joewell shears is the top professional hairstyling brand.

Joewell Scissors Summary Review

  • Japanese STeel
  • Unique Joewell Blades
  • Lightweight ergonomic designs
  • High Quality Manufacturing

Joewell is an incredibly well-known brand in the salon and barbershop industry. Joewell shears, although not the cheapest brand offers a professional haircutting experience which can help you shine every day at work.

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