Juntetsu Scissors

Juntetsu is one of the best hair scissor brands that makes their hair cutting and thinning shears from Japanese steel.

Famous for their simply handcrafted designs, each Juntetsu hair scissor uses professional ergonomics and ultra-sharp blade edges that are perfect for haircutting and thinning.

Juntetsu Scissors aims to change the world through their various haircutting scissors that gives a professional experience to hairdressers and barbers.

Find out why so many Canadian hairstylists are choosing Juntetsu for their salon or barbershop collections!

Juntetsu Scissors are a leading hairdressing scissor maker that offers simple, slim designs with the sharpest cuts. They use high quality Japanese steel with convex edge blades to give you the most efficient cutting experience.

Juntetsu Scissors Summary Review

  • Made with Japanese Steel
  • Designs for offset handle
  • Convex Edge Blades
  • Price range: $300-600
  • Sizes: 5" to 5.5", Sizes: 5" to 5.5"", 6.5", 7" and 7".
  • Models: Offset, Rose, Pink, Chomper, VG10

Juntetsu Scissors Review

Juntetsu produces high quality barber and hairdressing tools at affordable costs. They concentrate on ergonomic designs that are simple and have the sharpest blades. They are relatively new in Canada but are gaining recognition because of their Japanese VG10 Steel, Designs & Affordability.

Juntetsu provides the best price on high-quality Japanese barber shears made of steel which can last for 15 years with proper maintenance.

Juntetsu Scissor Models Reviews

Juntetsu is focused on lightweight, slim designs that cover the basic. It includes haircutting scissors that have offset handles thinning and texturising (lowand mid-weight competitors) rose gold and pink styling scissors, as well as long barber knives all made with Japanese VG10 Steel. Prices begin at $600.

Let's look at the various models of Juntetsu Scissors:

Juntetsu Offset Handle Scissor

  • Price Between $300 and $500
  • Sizes : 6" and 5.5".
  • Types cutting
  • Steel Japanese VG10
  • Rating : 1/2
  • Review. "The Juntetsu name is second only to Yasaka as being the most high-quality professional scissors that are made of Japanese Steel in Canada." Juntetsu offset handled scissors feature a thin, lightweight blade with a convex. Its comfortable offset handle. They are sturdy and fit well when you hold them. The tension adjustment guarantees smooth cuts. After a few hours of using Yasaka scissors they were extremely quiet. Every cut was smooth and effortless. This is a testament to the ingenuity of these scissors. We rate these 4.5/5 stars for high quality scissors for hairdressing with excellent ergonomics that can compete with the best of Yasaka and Hikari shears in Canada."
  • Where To Buy: Best Priced Juntetsu Offset Handle Scissors

Juntetsu Thinning Sword

  • Price: Between $300 to $500
  • Sizes: 6"
  • Types Thinning (30 Teeth).
  • Steel Japanese VG10
  • Rating
  • Review. "The Juntetsu brand, next to Yasaka is the most renowned brand in professional scissors made of Japanese-steel found in Canada. We had the opportunity to try the Juntetsu thinning scissor shortly after cutting the scissor. It was perfect for medium and light hair. They were lightweight and ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold. Sharp teeth also thinned hair to precision thanks to their ergonomic offset. We rate these products 4/5 stars for the highest quality of thinning precision for an amazingly affordable cost in Canada."
  • Where to Buy: Most Priced Juntetsu Tinning Scissors

Juntetsu Chompers Scissor

  • Prices: From $300 to $500
  • Sizes: 6"
  • Types Thin (10 Teeth and (16 Teeth).
  • Steel - Japanese VG10
  • Rating 1/2
  • Review "The Juntetsu Brand is next to Yasaka, as the most high-quality professional scissors that are made of Japanese Steel in Canada. Juntetsu Chomper Scissors are great for thick hair. The precise tension and ergonomics of these scissors let them cut through thick hair with ease. They Chomping texturising scissors are just as thin as Hikari and Yasaka. These are the best texturising tools to treat thick and heavy hair in Canada We rate these scissors 4.5/5 stars.
  • Where To Get: Best Valued Juntetsu CHOMPER Thinning Scissors

Juntetsu VG10 Handle Scissor

  • Price between $300 and $700
  • Sizes: 6"
  • Types Cutting
  • Steel: Japanese VG10
  • Rating
  • Review "The Juntetsu brand ranks in second place behind Yasaka for the highest-quality professional scissors that are made of Japanese Steel from Canada." Juntetsu VG10 Professional Hair Cutting Scissor offers ergonomics for professional hairdressing and haircutting. While the design is slim, it delivers a light feeling and precise cuts. The scissors are on the same level as high-end Hikari or Fuji scissors. The 5/5 stars are designed for hairdressers who want to purchase Japanese scissors at a low cost that is less than $700.
  • Where to Purchase: Best Priced Juntetsu VG10 Scissors

Juntetsu Rose Gold Scissors

  • Price : Between $300 and $700
  • Sizes: 6"
  • Types: Cutting and Thinning
  • Steel: Japanese VG10
  • Rating:
  • Review "The Juntetsu brand is second only to Yasaka in Canada for the best professional quality scissors made from Japanese steel." Juntetsu Rose Gold Hairdressing Cutting and Thining Set cuts to professional standards. The ergonomics of these professional sets make them a must-have item for hairdressers looking to enhance their collections. These hair scissors are rated 4/5 stars for their design and quality.
  • Where To Get: Top-Priced Juntetsu Gold Scissors

Juntetsu Pink Scissors

  • Price : Between $300 and $700
  • Sizes: 6"
  • Types Cutting and Thinning
  • Steel Japanese VG10
  • Rating
  • Review: "The Juntetsu brand leads the way ahead of Yasaka as the best professional scissors made of Japanese steel from Canada. Juntetsu's Pink Hairdressing Cutting and Thinning Set cuts well thanks to its convex edges and serrated thin teeth. These professional ergonomics make them an essential item for hairdressers who want to add style to the collection. We rate them 4/5 stars for the incredible quality and style these add to the hair scissors industry."
  • Where to Buy: The Best-Priced Juntetsu pink Scissors

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