Mina Hair Scissors Canada - Hair Scissors for Students and Apprentices

The Mina Scissors company makes high-end, professional hairdressing, cutting and barber scissors. They are constructed from professional ergonomics, stainless-steel basic flat-edge or convex-edge blades and offer the perfect entry-level professional haircutting scissors.

Mina Scissors Summary

  • Professional offset ergonomics
  • Stainless cutting steel
  • Prices for scissors range from $99 and $249
  • Sizes are available in the following sizes: 4.0", 4.5", 4.5", 5.00", 10.5", 26.0", 26.5", 37.5" and 7.5".
  • Models: Umi. Ash. Sakura. Jay. Matte black. Classic.

Mina Scissors Review

Mina hair cutting scissors are growing in popularity for being reliable and inexpensive. If you are looking for the perfect all-rounder hair cutting tool for under $200, then the Mina Umi, Sakura, Classic or Matte Black are very affordable and are excellent value for money.

Mina makes use of a variety of convex or flat edge blades for its hair cutting scissors. Mina is a simple maker of high-quality scissors which can be employed at the home or in a salon or in a barbershop.

Mina is a fantastic scissor brand that is ideal for those looking to buy basic or less expensive basic hairdressing scissors.

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Mina Products

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