Joewell Bamboo Hair Cutting Scissors | Classic Handle Shears

The Joewell Bamboo hair cutting scissors are a specialist model designed for professional hairstylists in salons and barbershops.

Inspired by the Japanese Golden Bamboo, the Joewell Bamboo hair cutting scissor features a curved leaf blade suitable for slide and dry cutting.

Joewell Bamboo Series Hair Cutting Scissors

Without using the word “bamboo” one more time, these blades have a unique design that follows your client’s hair’s natural flow and curve.

The blade edge features a convex/concave shape, allowing for an ultra-sharp haircutting motion necessary for slide haircutting techniques.

Joewell Bamboo Leaf Hair Cutting Scissor Features:

  • Price: $549 CAD
  • Sizes: 5.0”, 5.5” and 6.0” inches
  • Types: Cutting
  • Scissor Handle: Straight/Classic Ergonomics
  • Steel: Supreme Stainless Alloy
  • Blade: Bamboo Leaf Blade For Slide Cutting & Dry Cutting
  • Screw: Precision Flat Screw
  • Extras: Removable Finger Rest, Polished Finish
  • Rating: ★★★★
  • Review: These Joewell hair cutting scissors are designed for professional hairstylists who perform slide and dry cutting techniques. Slide haircutting techniques require an ultra sharp blade in order for a smooth cutting motion that catches hair in each sliding motion. These feel very light in your hands, but have a sturdy grip and are top-shelf in terms of quality. These stand out as the best for Canadians looking for dry hair cutting and slide hair cutting scissors, but might not be as useful for your all-rounder primary shear.

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