Joewell X Offset Scissors | Affordable Apprentice Hair Cutting Shears

The price tag on Joewell hair cutting scissors can often be high, but the X series offers all the great features of other premium models without the big price tag.

Each pair of Joewell X hair cutting scissors is under $400; making them one of the most affordable haircutting product from Japan. The X series feature a comfortable ergonomic handle, and has the famous Joewell Standard Blade that performs almost all haircutting techniques effortlessly.

If you are an apprentice, student, or a professional looking for a good deal, than the Joewell X series will tick all the boxes: professional quality, comfortable ergonomic design, ultra-sharp Japanese blade, made in Japan and affordable!

The Joewell X Offset hair cutting scissor model for apprentices and students

Joewell X Offset Hair Cutting Scissors

  • Price: $349 CAD
  • Sizes: 5.25” & 5.75” Inches
  • Types: Cutting
  • Scissor Handle: 3D Offset Ergonomics
  • Steel: Japanese Stainless Alloy
  • Blade: The Standard JOEWELL Blade
  • Screw: Precision Flat Screw
  • Extras: Removable Finger Rest
  • Rating: ★★★★
  • Review: When picking up the Joewell X series for the first time, you will be surprised with the quality and sturdy grip. Canadian hairstylists are looking for sharp blades and a lightweight design, and the X series is a perfect fit. Our favourite part is the non-slip grip and the rubber handle coating that makes each haircutting motion smooth and silent. The Joewell Standard Blade also allows for effortless haircutting when performing a point cut, blunt cut, or precision haircutting. The X series is a great choice that makes these the best entry-level Joewell scissor for beginners and professionals alike.

With a stainless steel blade and ergonomic handle, these Joewell X series offset hair cutting scissors provide you with an extra-secure grip that will have your hands feeling light as air. A great feature of the 3D design is how it reduces slipping during cuts to give customers more comfort while using their favorite tool!

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