Holding Hair Scissors: Mastering The Perfect Grip

After all, you’re given the job of grooming and styling somebody’s hair. The hairstyling art is cautious and complex.

Or you might cut your hair, that has become much more normal if you mainly sit at home these days.

To achieve a satisfactory degree of accuracy in trimming hair, mastering scissor-cutting skills, careful handling of a pair of styling scissors is necessary.

The threat of repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, which might be an irritating obstacle to any budding barber, is minimized.

You’ll learn that how to carry hairdressing scissors, like such a salon expert in this article.

The Perfect Way To Hold Your Hair Scissor Handles

The best grip and way of holding hair scissors

Perfecting how to carry hairstyling scissors begins With the positioning of your fingers and hand on the scissors.

Hairstyle scissors are quite different from regular scissors, with thinner edges and much more delicate finger spaces.

You could even see a curved protrusion from a narrower finger hole if you look at your hairstyle scissors; this is named tang. The tang adds additional reliability while you are cutting.

The typical method of handling shears is the Western grip, and it’s the one we all use regularly. The tang finger hole should be on the top side.

You’re sitting your ring finger in the smaller finger spot and your thumb in the bigger one while your little finger is sitting on the tang (handle hook).

Meanwhile, atop the upper handle, the index and middle fingers must settle; the scissors typically have notches at the front of the smaller finger gap for them to lay.

Exert pressure to the still blade with your four fingers on top, balancing it, whereas your thumb pushes the blades finely.

Using the Western grip helps the hand balanced and decreases muscle straining injuries.

The Eastern grip, where you put the index finger in the smaller hole, the thumb in another, and put the middle and ring fingers with pinkie free behind the blade, may also be useful to learn.

At first, it is indeed strange, but it provides a bit more accuracy and brings new tactics such as slithering and point-cutting.

Why You Should Use Your Thumb When Holding Hair Scissors

Using your finger and thumb to open and close the blades is a common error in handling hairstyling scissors. It’s better if you move your thumb when you’re cutting hair.

Using more than one finger is generally needless and quite dangerous since this shakes your motion and causes stress on the tendons on your hand.

The thumb movement decreases how much the palm muscles require to work, hence reducing the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, which helps you cut like a hairstyling machine.

How To Hold a Hair Comb And Hair Scissors At The Same Time

You will want to know how to handle a comb and the scissors on the same palm until you get the idea of how to take hair styling scissors.

It is a perfect way to cut just a few valuable seconds from your hairstyling routine (pun intended). You will need to experience twirling the comb to feel normal when moving between the comb and scissors.

Tuck the scissors into your hand while using the comb to part or style. Wiggle the comb to its resting spot when it’s time to cut. The comb must sit on the index and ring fingers, and the middle finger should hold it in place.

There are several different approaches to handle your scissors correctly, but the most popular is the Western Traditional Grip.

For ergonomic needs, the right way of holding shears is better to prevent stress on your muscles and joints while cutting hair for long periods.