Blunt or Dull Scissors: The Three Main Signs

The importance of using a pair of scissors that is sharp can hardly be overemphasized. This is because they make such task very easy by ensuring greater accuracy. In case you are trying to know whether a pair of scissors has lost its sharpness or not, ensure to read the details below from beginning to the end. This post will be revealing some of these signs.

It is all too common for Canadians to wait until the scissors are tugging and pulling at hair before taking them to a scissor sharpening to fix. Find out when your scissors are just starting to become blunt, so you can plan ahead with a sharpening service close to you!

Blunt scissors that are not sharp enough to cut hair anymore

1 - Hair getting stuck too often

Simple threads are different from human hair. Therefore, cutting all hair down to the same level is not possible. Some of the hair will be curly while many others will remain erect. When your scissors is sharp, cutting through the hair won’t be a problem.

It is normal to notice some issues as your hair will usually get stuck while using a pair of scissors. However, this problem should not be experienced regularly. It is a sign that you need to invest in a scissors with higher quality.

2 - Scissors becoming too noisy

This is another sign that your scissors has lost its quality. It is normal for scissors to make noise while cutting hair or any other item. However, this is an issue when the noise is getting worse. There is only one solution which is having it replaced with something of higher quality.

3 - The problem of hair folding regularly

When your hair starts folding regularly while using a pair of scissors, such is a clear sign that the blade has become very blunt. According to professionals, such problem can also be traced to the shear. It is important that your scissors is repaired or changed once this issue is noticed.

One of the major problems of folding hair is that it brings about uneven cuts. This makes the haircut to be unattractive. There are times when your scalp may even face the risk of being damaged.

Is your pair of scissors becoming very dull?

Purchasing a pair of scissors that can meet your needs is quite complicated. This is because the market has different types of scissors you will be expected to choose from. There are some that are even valued at $100 or above. Of course, paying such amount for scissors may sound or look like a waste of money but it is not in any way. This is because there are professional barbers buying them to render quality services. If these scissors aren’t good enough, such professionals won’t be willing to pay that high.

In case you have a pair of scissors which seems to be getting dull quickly, there is every chance that its metal is inferior. The solution is investing in scissors that offer premium features. This will ensure you don’t have to bother about dealing with blunt issues or uneven haircut. It saves you a lot of stress in the long run.

Final thoughts On Blunt Hair Scissors

Having seen the details above, we believe that you now understand why your scissors are not sharp enough to meet your haircut needs without compromise. Using a pair of scissors that is blunt can expose your hair to lots of dangers. For instance, there is the risk of uneven cuts. There is also likely to be the issue of split ends. The bottom line is that if you want your hair to remain in the most perfect condition, always make use of a high quality pair of scissors.

Whether you live in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton or Montreal, a hairdresser or barber is only as good as a sharp pair of scissors. So make sure you know when to sharpen your scissors and each client will be satisfied with their fast and clean haircut.