Joewell SNT-40 Volume Thinning Scissors | 40 Teeth Thinning Shears

The Joewell SNT-40 hair thinning scissor has 40 teeth and only 5% cut ratio; making them the perfect salon tool for volume control. The tiny grooves on each tooth is made catch hair and create volume in a hairstyle.

Joewell has been producing thinning and texturizing scissors for over one hundred years. This has allowed them to make the best and most unique hair thinning tools. The SNT-40 is a volume control thinning shear unlike no other. You won’t find a thinning scissor with a cut-away ratio of 5% like this anywhere else!

Joewell SNT-40 Volume Control Thinning Scissors

Joewell SNT-40 Volume Control Hair Thinning Scissors

  • Price: $799 CAD
  • Sizes: 6.2”
  • Types: Thinning & Texturizing
  • Scissor Handle: Straight/Classic Ergonomics
  • Steel: Japanese Stainless Alloy Steel
  • Blade: 40 Teeth
  • Cut Ratio: 5% Cut Ratio
  • Screw: Dry Bearing Screw System
  • Extras: Permanent Finger Rest
  • Rating: ★★★★
  • Review: The Joewell SNT-40 is a thinning scissor unlike no other - a perfect hair volume control master piece. Aside from looking very cool, especially with the discreet tension system on the front of the scissor, these are one of the best additions to any Canadian hairstylist’s scissor collection. You can easily reduce the volume in a hairstyle with these professional Japanese hair thinnign shears. The innovative design of the Joewell SNT-40 Scissors makes it possible to reduce hair volume effortless, without any damage. Plus you can reduce the volume from roots and control how much course texture or length is on your head by changing up when in between cuts!

Joewell’s volume control thinning Shears, Supreme SNT40 - You can cut from the root of hair without damage to reduce its thickness because each blade has a tiny groove and it cuts only one strand at time. This innovative design is patented by Joewell themselves in order for them be able provide this service with highest quality possible while also keeping customers safe during use!

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