Juntetsu Night Thinning Scissor | 30 Teeth Black Thinning Shear

Juntetsu’s Night Hair Thinning Scissor has 30 thinning teeth; it has a fine V-teeth serration for smoothly cutting your locks without tugging or pulling.

The premium steel makes these scissors cut effortlessly with silent, smooth motions that will not damage the hair strands like cheaper thinning shears are known to do.

Juntetsu Night Hair Thinning Scissor With 30 Teeth For Canadian Salons & Barbershops

The Juntetsu Night thinning shears are the perfect addition to any professional’s scissor collection. Their all-rounder cut ratio of 30-35% allows you to thin out all hair types in any situation.

Joewell Night 30 Teeth Thinning Scissors Features

  • Price: $249 CAD
  • Sizes: 6.0”
  • Types: Thinning & Blending
  • Scissor Handle: Offset Ergonomics
  • Steel: VG10 Premium Steel
  • Blade: 30 Teeth
  • Cut Ratio: 30-35% Cut Ratio
  • Screw: Precision Flat Screw
  • Rating: ★★★★
  • Extras: Authentic Leather Travel Case, Anti-Static Hair Comb, Feathering styling & texturizing razor, Authentic Feather Blades From Japan, Maintenance Kit, Comfortable Silicon Finger Inserts, and more!
  • Review: The Juntetsu Night has a slim and lightweight design while maintaining a powerful thinning blade with teeth that catches hair effortlessly. These are not a specialist thinning scissor and perform well as your primary go-to thinning shear with the 30% dry cut ratio and 35% wet hair ratio. The tension system allows for smooth opening and closing motions and can be easily adjusted. Upon picking these up, they fit comfortably in your hand and don’t add extra weight or strain to your hand or wrist.